research and development

Taking advantage of experienced technical experts in terms of designing, manufacturing and testing automobile’s electronic components by the state of the art high-tech facilities and in accordance with updated standards, the engineering faculty of BEGCO is proud of designing the highest quality automobile components and equipments for the manufacturing units. The faculty is assigned to keep up with optimum design principles, continuous improvement of the products, finding and removing the production line defects, manufacturing of testers and procuring the engineering documents. The invaluable assets of the faculty include the highly professional and capable human resource, applicable documents, and experience.

Tests and laboratory faculty

BEGCO laboratory has been established aiming at:

  1.  Testing the products provided by the design faculty
  2. Shortening of the testing process to make the product design phase quicker
  3.  Improving further the quality of the products
  4.  Higher customer satisfaction

Taking advantage of experts and updated facilities, the laboratory faculty in BEGCO performs special tests inside the company to shorten the project time required, in addition to periodical and regular tests on the components in accordance with relevant standards.