About us

BEGCO was founded in 1360, as a workshop, to produce various kinds of relays for heavy vehicles and transformers for motorcycles.
In 1366, the first production line was established to manufacture indicator’s relays for heavy vehicles and for the IKCO.
In 1374, making a Private Joint Stock, the company began to produce various relays and coils for vehicles. At the time, BEGCO produced the first single output dry coil for SAIPA (Pride).
In 1383, the Company produced the fan controlling module for Peugeot 405 under the license of Valeo Company.
From 1386, BEGCO has been producing many coils ordered by Iranian car manufacturers (IKCO and SAIPA) with their certificates.
With the professional human resources and modern technology, made possible by Iranian engineers, the Company has produced various dry coils, electric and electronic components of modern cars.